Keep Hopkins Nursing NNU Free

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Thank you JHH Nurses!


This petition will allow us to legally force the NNU to stop their campaign at JHH.

This is a closed signing.  Signatures will be viewed and verified only as legally necessary to halt union efforts.  Your privacy is of strict importance to us.  Should you choose to withdraw  your petition, simply contact us below.  Get all the facts here.

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Happy New Year!

Thank you to all those who have dedicated their valuable time and resources!

About Us

Grass Roots

We are Registered Nurses actively employed by Johns Hopkins.  We are an independent entity and have no affiliation with the management or administration of Johns Hopkins.

Funding and our initiative to stop NNU activity at Johns Hopkins is privately funded.  We have not and do not receive monetary or any other compensation from Johns Hopkins administration or managment.

Our Hospital

Johns Hopkins Nursing creates its own culture.  We do this free of outside influence.  The NNU has no place in dictating the future of our Nursing Department. Keep Hopkins Nursing NNU free in Baltimore.